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we are two small town girls who have been friends since we were 14. we started embroidering daisies on our levi's when we were roommates in college. we decided to sell them under the incredibly clever brand name hand. thats cryptic for heidi and dawn. needless to say we just wore them around instead. after years of endless babble about how cool it would be to open a store, we did it. of course we eat hamburger buns and drive around on fumes now. but is it ever fun! i recently found my little daisy jeans, i think i will post a picture of them at some point. and the best part is i can still fit into them!


clothes, old horror movies, john hughes movies, edgar allan poe, denmark, coors light, cheap wine, vanity, noa noa, dead people's furniture, madame curie, bram stoker, sarah bernhardt, movies with cute boys in them, astrological phenomenon